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Sometimes, you need a push to get to the front….

The truth is if you could get there without a push you probably wouldn’t be here, so let’s get to work.  Just what does a leader need to not only know but execute to keep relevant in today’s changing economic environment?

Dr. Jon Sarver, a noted Los Angeles certified executive coach, Speaker and leader of a dynamic small business consulting Los Angeles division writes that there are five indicators that separate the big boys from the also-rans and in the business world today you are relevant or you are dead!

The truth is 95% of companies never reach 1 million in annual sales. That’s puts you in the top 5% of entrepreneurs. Impressive to be sure, but why do you feel so frustrated?  You are increasingly agitated  because you are , you are spinning 15 different plates to keep profitable and wondering all the time, “this is just like a job” and  “why am I doing this?”

If that is the truth keep reading…

Now for the rest of you. First of all, don’t throw in the towel, because your annual sales are substantially lower than the lucky 5% (who got to a million) that apparently is not so lucky (because it is more of a job than ever!).

The sobering stat is…

For those you who do stumble to a million, 95% of you won’t ever make it to 5 million.  If you are fortunate enough to get that far then 98% of you won’t make it to 10 million (Note these stats were accurate before 2008.  The SBA probably does not have the guts to release a new one!).

Which begs the question?

What was I thinking? What started as a great idea has become at minimum a 9 to 9 job and often way beyond that.  And we haven’t even touched your personal life.  Most likely you are so busy that your family has to take a number just to connect with you!

So, what are those five critical indicators?

Indicator #1 The leader must know their story!  Why is it you do what you do?  If you don’t know that answer right now, stop and figure it out before you waste another day.

Indicator #2The leader must hear their employees!  The catch is you must know the right employees to hear and the right employees to suggest they be successful elsewhere.  This is a skill that 95% of executives do not have and the lack of it can kill your business.

Indicator #3The leader must know their thirty second elevator pitch! If you had thirty seconds to present a compelling case as to why your prospective client should buy from you, “what would you say?” Most business executives can’t answer this question clearly and as a result they die!

Indicator #4The leader must know what works and what doesn’t within their company! Admit it, you don’t know it either and that puts you in good company (maybe not so good) with 96% of the other company leaders in American companies.  Your company dies if you don’t master this skill!

Indicator #5The leader must make the tough decisions now!  At a recent leadership conference in Las Vegas 97% of the people in attendance revealed they needed to fire someone immediately.  Tough decisions require action now.  Are you up to it?

You must develop mastery with each of these key business indicators.  With more than 30 years as a Los Angeles certified executive coach and a leader in small business consulting in Los Angeles, Dr. Jon Sarver’s gift is to bridge theory with reality and bring results.

If this is your first time on our site, it’s time to get started on improving those skills.  Push to the front with the pre-immanent Los Angeles Area certified executive coach and small business consulting Los Angeles firm and move your business upward now!