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Small Business Marketing Consultant and Small Business Marketing Services

Is your sales team made up of the 95% who produce 10% of your sales results? Then, it is no wonder you are looking for s small business marketing consultant or Los Angeles based small business marketing services.

Welcome to the number one Los Angeles Area small business marketing services experts, Sarver Consulting Group.  In Connection with Chesney Communications, Sarver Consulting Group has developed a Los Angeles small business marketing services system that leaves the closing to the experts.

And… most of those experts are not your sales team. There are many on your sales team that simply should not be there.  Did you know that when a sales superstar develops rapport and trust they are 65% of the way to the sale?  With Sarver Consulting Group and Chesney Communications you will learn to role play, hot seat and track through a CRM (Client Relations Management System). If you are not committed to the first step to the sales with excellence then you are missing out on massive profits.

However, to increase sales it does not stop there.  Your sales people must have mastery over their product offerings.  Now, here is a big surprise, the vast majority of sales people do not possess that mastery over their product line and even if they are good at the first step (rapport and trust), they fail at product mastery.  In short, the potential sale will be dead! It is clear you need a certified Los Angeles small business marketing consultant offering cutting edge small business marketing services.  Good came to the right web page.

The Good News is that the Los Angeles small business marketing consultant system is designed to aid your sales people in the mastery level as the process is developed to highlight the product attributes while minimizing the potential misinformation that sales people can sometimes be responsible for.

Sarver Consulting Group along with Chesney Communications is committed to finding the Matadors on your sales team and providing them with just the right closing tool. Because, no matter how good your sales people are, if they cannot close you will lose profits and your business will suffer. It’s the absolute tops in small business marketing services and is available to you as part of a free 1 hour consultation by a Sarver Consulting Group small business marketing consultant.

The Matador Marketing system is specifically designed to help your sales team CLOSE more deals and make you more profit… NOW! Learn how to build rapport, master your product line and increase your closing rate significantly.  The Matador Marketing system designed by Sarver Consulting Group and Chesney Communications is designed to do just that.

Keep those profits today, and ask us for the small business marketing services consultation now.  Whether you are in L.A. or any other part of the world click right now to get that free consultation.