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Los Angeles Strategies to Increase Sales

At Sarver Consulting Group we often are asked what is the quickest route to increasing sales in Los Angeles now. We know of no better way than to work your email list in new and creative ways to generate sales quickly.

We are supportive of several Groupon type strategies to increase sales serving Los Angeles, but have been concerned at so many businesses that have lost money on a seemingly great idea.

Enter Referdia and the new wave of increasing sales with your email list now. Referdia is like Groupon but without all the extra costs that can make a deal you post a money losing proposition.

Referdia is a viral based company which markets directly to your own email list. Studies show that a warm email list used in creative ways is a vibrant path to increasing sales and as part of several strategies to increase sales; Referdia can help you communicate with your email list with several outstanding offers that aid in increasing sales now.

Referdia (this is viral so it will grow through email addresses and word of mouth) had a program where you get 100% of the deal (Groupon in 50/50 because they have to pay for their advertising) so you keep more money and market to people who have proven loyalty. As the list grows in your area for like products, Referdia will launch a campaign to market those lists as well! If you want to be the leader in increasing sales in Los Angeles or you are looking for proven strategies to increase sales in Los Angeles or any where in the world then you have come to the right web page.

Referdia is relatively new in several states as one of many strategies to increase sales that a good business owner must employ.

Sarver Consulting Group is pleased to have entered into an affiliate relationship with Referdia and highly recommends that if you are intent on increasing sales in Los Angeles that you take a look at this free, little cost to you opportunity to do so.

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You’re in Charge

Customize your experience and craft an unlimited amount of exclusive offers on your own terms.

What is Referdia?

Referdia is a revolutionary social-commerce website that offers business owners innovative alternatives to traditional marketing, while providing shoppers with access to unlimited savings from businesses locally, nationally and online.

Social networking has forever changed the way that businesses connect with customers online. Businesses everywhere are using social-media sites to promote their brands, but until now very few have found effective ways to increase revenues, brand awareness, and customer loyalty in one place.

As a business owner, you’re always looking to attract new customers and increase your sales – but marketing can be expensive, time consuming and confusing. It’s time to simplify. By combining online marketing with social media, Referdia connects your business with consumers to create an innovative social commerce platform with endless perks. Even better? It’s one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising available – and with this limited time offer for 50% off, you can save even more!

Zero Limitations

  • No percentage-based commissions or constrictive limitations
  • Run as many deals as you want for one monthly fee
  • Consumers pay you directly for their vouchers, so you get 100% of the profits
  • Costs much less than traditional marketing, advertising and group buying
  • No membership contracts or cancellation fees mean you can opt in or out at any time

Social media integration for easy viral growth and exposure

  • Free marketing tools and a customized dashboard that lets you view analytics, track ratings and much more
  • Ability to craft your own offers and set the discount amount
  • Run as many offers as you want, all month
  • Social media integration and email and SMS campaigns allow for easy viral growth and publicity
  • Resources and welcome kits full of tips, tools and information

Refer and Save

  • Make Referdia the place for your business’s exclusive offers and get rewarded for everyone that signs up
  • Get 50 cents off of your monthly fee each month for each customer that you get to subscribe
  • Earn $0.50 each month for each customer that you refer who upgrades to premium

Referdia provides you with easy-to-use tools to help you draw new customers to your business, increase your sales and gain publicity. Use your dashboard to update your personalized Storefront page, where you can post unlimited custom offers on the web and mobile app, and track your sales. Gain access to powerful messaging and social media tools to help you spread the word about your offers. With such a wide array of online-marketing tools at your fingertips, Referdia puts you in control.

Your Referdia business membership gives you access to all of these tools and the opportunity for unlimited publicity!

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