Changing YOU. Challenging OTHERS. Propelling YOUR Business Upward!

Top Marketing Coach; Los Angeles Leadership Coaching

Sarver Consulting Group (SCG) has over 25 years of experience in Los Angeles leadership coaching,  leadership development and as a top marketing coach in the Greater Los Angeles area ranging from non-profits to internet based businesses with many having faith based overtones.

They specialize in helping you change on the inside which leads to change on the outside everyone can see often resulting in massive organizational shift upward. This can be seen in our logo and branding with the Greek symbol for change (triangle) and the changing colors on the arrow shifting in color while pointing upward. Sarver Consulting Group is equipped with the top marketing coach in the Los Angeles area.

SCG has the unique ability to work with successful businesses in small rural towns and large cities.  They have a wide range of business and communities they have worked with though their focus is on Los Angeles leadership coaching. Whether big town or small town, big company or small company, they have a track record of laying the groundwork for growth and vitality. In fact, several of the businesses they have worked with have lasted far beyond the average and many exist today; decades after they were founded due to in-depth marketing coaching Sarver Consulting Group has to offer.

SCG has also enjoyed a fundamental role in developing leadership coaching and education (certified John Maxwell leadership training, coaching and speaking) and cutting edge mentoring in several institutions of higher education in rural and metropolitan areas.  In fact, in several cases in these areas, SCG was called in to develop programs that were relevant to the “real” needs of the “learning” leader. What this means to you is no matter where you live or where your business is Sarver Consulting Group can help you be successful.

All of these programs have become known for their practical application to theory and the role of SCG role was to hold each leader’s feet to the fire to produce results it what was typically a nonprofit environment.

They been teaching and coaching the “spirit” of the 12 core business strategies 21 years in the church, Para-church and business communities.  This is embraced in their Motto: Change in the leader inside leads to noticeable change outside which results massive business growth upward which can be seen in the SCG branding.  The colors and design showcases the changing hews of the arrow piercing through a uniquely designed triangle, which in the Greek symbol for change.

Dr. Jon Sarver, President and CEO of SCG has focused on long time Los Angeles area leadership coaching, leadership development and as a top marketing coach in  greater Los Angeles, and a speaker and trainer in a wide variety of environments in an even wider variety of cultures.  Jon has coached leaders worldwide in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Dominican Republic and Mexico in leadership and business principles many times in harmony with Chet Holmes 12 core strategies.

Sarver Consulting Group clients have ranged from the largest detailed business and home cleaner in the Greater Los Angeles area  to a very cool get away on the south east tip of New Zealand with many great ones in-between.

For more information go to and  mention Pushing to the Front (Dr. Sarver’s new book)  and you will receive a free 1 hour consulting call directly from Jon himself, a $1000.00 value!