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The Ten Things Business Leaders (or Managers) Need to Know from the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Sarver Consulting Group a leader in Los Angeles small business coaching specializes in seminar, workshop and public speaking engagements revolving around John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. Each of these laws stand alone or can be stacked on each other, but any way you slice it, the facts remain that if you want to grow and excel in business you have to learn to lead from the inside out.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership seminars, workshops and speaking events are designed to do just that. It’s summarized in the Sarver Consulting Group branding… Changing YOU, Challenging OTHERS, Propelling YOUR Business Upward! As a great business development coach in Los Angeles we are committed to helping you elevate your business now!

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1. Leadership develops daily, not in a day. You have to be willing to learn. A leader has to be willing to continue to learn new things about themselves and leadership. As the business world changes then a leader must be willing to change as well.

2. Manager and a leader are not the same. A manager is someone who gives people direction to follow but a leader is someone who has people willing to follow them. You need to first become a leader in order to be a good manager.

3. Leaders attract people like themselves. If you are a good leader then you will attract people who are also good (the law of the Lid). This means that the better the leader is then the better group they will attract which in turn can make something wonderful happen. If you do not like the people around you then you first need to change yourself.

4. You must touch the heart before the hand. A good leader or manger needs to have a special connection with the people around them on a personal level (if you develop rapport and finding need you  are 65% of the way to a sale or a deep relationship) . If you care about the people around you then in turn the people around you will care as well and try to improve things.

5. Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course. A good manager needs to have a good game plan ready to handle any type of business that may happen (this often comes from a great leader). The best thing a manger can do is to plan ahead and be ready.

6. It takes a leader to raise up a leader. A good manager should have a good inner circle. Everyone knows that “two heads is better than one”.  A manager may not be able to handle everything alone so they need to have a group of trusted confidants ready to help.

7. The true measure of leadership is influence: nothing more, nothing less. A good leader or manager has to be able to influence the people who chose to follow them (that means they have to lead them…often through influence). If you are able to influence the people around you, you will have a better outcome in the end.

8. Leaders evaluate everything with leadership bias. A leader or manager needs to be see things coming and be ready to respond. They need to have a good intuition based on facts, logic, and instincts.

9. Momentum is a leader’s best friend.  Momentum gives leaders or manager a way to achieve their goals. The two keys to good momentum are preparation (great leaders, managers or otherwise work harder than others…period!) and motivation.

10. Leaders find a way for the team to win. A leader or manager will always find a way to make things happen and to have things go the right way. Even if they have to change the main game play, they should be ready and prepared with another one.

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